Operation Kamir Misdirection OCB & CTB

After Action Report:


0330 hrs
U.S Army 75th Btn Rangers, 5 SFG, 160th SOAR.

1-C OCB Lyndiman (Squad Leader)

  • Xerxes (Gun)
  • Jazzakid
  • Avidius
  • Bomber
  • Kushluk (Assault)
  • SDE
  • Hangfire
  • Evilrooter


  1. Rangers insertion into LZ approx. 1k SE of objective town Kamir
  2. Conduct movement to and capture of police station
  3. Patrol and clear the town of Kamir of occupying insurgent forces


  1. Upon mission start units mounted in MH-47E for transport
  2. Approach to LZ aborted due to occupying force in the area
  3. Alternate LZ designated approx 2km to the North East
  4. Rangers inserted to a cold LZ
  5. 1-C moved to within 300m of the original LZ
  6. 1-C identified approximately 30 enemy dismounts
  7. Targets were engaged and killed at that location
  8. Quick harbour conducted at original LZ before moving on to Kamir to the North West.
  9. Approximately 300m into the move a large enemy force of 30 dismounts was located rapidly moving in from the North West.
  10. At 1-200m an engagement was forced with 1-C setting up another hasty ambush.
  11. 1-C then completed the move to Kamir with no further contact until the outskirts of town.
  12. Upon entering the town multiple patrols were engaged and destroyed clearing the right side of the axis of advance alongside 1-B.
  13. A ZU-23 was heard to the north engaging Sabre (AH-64).
  14. The ZU-23 was rapidly located and destroyed.
  15. Kamir was then held against a counter attack until mission end.


  • Zero casualties taken by 1-C as a credit to the team members and some great luck.
  • Great engagements with hasty ambushes leading to the destruction of a large portion of the enemy occupying the area. Over 300 enemy killed.
  • Excellent 1-C team leaders meant I could handle the squad with a hands off approach.


  • Enemy spawn locations needed fixing – spawn them far away and move them naturally to a location.
  • Helicopter escorts should be flying behind the chooks, not in front.

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