Flight Simulation

On a layOver

Users of the World2Xplane Overlay I quickly put together have noticed many of the things I have about the new objects placed in the world. Mostly, that it’s very European, buildings are too tall and some of the textures aren’t… Read More ›

The (Over)lay of the land

Following on from my post yesterday on the issues with using an overlay derived from simplified data with a higher quality ‘real-world’ mesh and ortho, I thought I’d post about the using a new method to populate the world. Firstly,… Read More ›

Ultra High Def Mesh – All done

I’ve now finished processing the new mesh, which should be available soon. This mesh, made from DEMs provided by Barf (thanks Barf!) covers Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. The polygons building the landscape will now vary depending on where you… Read More ›

New mesh for Wellington

Similar work to what has happened around Auckland and the Coromandel, has now been completed for Wellington. Getting the lighting right, you can see the difference below:

New Zealand R4 ortho from space

Here’s a a quick look at each region basically from space. So far, there haven’t been any issues raised around the release. So it looks like I’ve zipped all the files into the right place. *fingers crossed*