Online Combat Battalion: [GS]Streetgang Tactical Mission


Mission Requirements
ARMA2 with Mods:
– ACE 1.13 Stable- ACRE 1.3.16 Faction: US Army Map: Takistan

The efforts of our CZ comrades and our venerable Special forces have opened the front a mile wide and the prize is ripe for the taking. To the point, The Mechanized company that has stood in the way of Loy Marna Airfield, is without its resupply and has had its flanks put into doubt. Wether the TK forces realise this or their commanders have not made adjustments is apparent in their lack of troop movements in the area. We shall take advantage of their ill decisions and attempt to remove the last significant organised fighting force deployed forward, before they can change position.

Local militia have now reached true operational status, with reports of sightings of organised squads moving about the AO, but always within vicinity of regular TK army.
This may indicate their reliance on a supply source and command from TK forces.

Our own forces are starting to suffer equipment shortages and lack of heavy support. Artillery is only on emergency call, HELO’s are reaching their peak service hour requirements. Fuel and Ammo is now also being counted more carefully. Our capacity to maintain this tempo is starting to take its toll, as we have long supply lines. Use our equipment wisely.


Phase 1:  Sweep south through Falar

Dismounting north of Falar, it didn’t take long to find and engage the defenders. Acting out the role of a AT Specialist it was my job to engage the enemy armor. There wasn’t any so it was all fire and maneuver. Alpha team moved over the larger left side whilst we bounded on the right. Moving in a 3 man fire-team was hampered by the fact that we were a small unit with limited support. Never the less we brought our fire to bear quickly and effectively. Most of the OPFOR were cleared before we entered the town. Once we held Falar a quick resupply was conducted and we moved out to maintain the tempo and throw the enemy off-balance.

Phase 2: Clear the 3 way intersection

Phase 2 started north of the objective with our Apache fire support taking ground fire from enemy armour. After dismounting we quickly engaged enemy forces and started to press our attack. Enemy armour responded and was engaged by myself, my shot sailed just over the turret and detonated behind the tank. The tank was then destroyed by Alpha AT specialist [OCB]Josh.

Pressing on our Apache advised that a troop concentration lay ahead of 20+ infantry with vehicle support. Bounding forwards we further engaged these units as they came into sight on our pincer movement along side the Apache engaging with 30mm.

Once the cross roads were secured Alpha moved to high ground on the left flank whilst Bravo (my fire-team) held on our primary route. Reinforcements were sited and engaged trying to advance from the south to our position. These were engaged and destroyed by .50 from the Striker and 30mm from the Apache loitering in our rear.

Phase 3: Assault Feruz Abad

The assault of Feruz Abad began immediately with fire-teams and strikers advancing south under contact from a small reactionary force met after the taking of the 3 way intersection.

On the outskirts of the town it became apparent that the troop concentration and multiple vehicles would make this assault difficult. With the fire-teams suppressed artillery support was brought in and AT fired to disable what they could.

The decision was made to gain an advantage by flanking left and right up a ridge line. From here the teams were able to fire down into defensive positions and score hits on vehicles in the town. Sabre the single Apache was also called into to destroy a T-34 tank.

From the ridge lines the teams proceeded to move into town and clear the buildings one by one in what turned out to be a simple mop up.

After the town was taken a resupply was conducted and enemy vehicles were destroyed in place.

Phase 4: Assault Anar

Moving east out of Feruz Abad a few enemy patrols were engaged and destroyed by air support before the fire teams mounted up and moved to the final objective: Anar. Here enemy spec ops were organising militias into an effective fighting force.

Strikers delivered the fire-teams to the outskirts of town where under contact the fire-teams advanced and started to route the militia with Striker support. The fighting was intense and short range around the buildings but with overwhelming force brought to bear the militia was rolled over comfortably. CAS and Artillery support were utilised to end a very fun Friday night TAC mission.

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