Altian Freedom part 3

Here’s a video from last week’s second mission of the Altian Freedom online campaign. In this mission our task is to spearhead a convoy through enemy lines to capturing several over-watch positions and clear a main supply route. 

Short Road to Hell

Sunday night saw OCB and a few guys from CTB take on a Haydos mission special. A Short Road to Hell featured the platoon supported by IFVs moving across Altis island to capture an airfield. The way had to be… Read More ›

Radar Dome Assault

Last night saw OCB land discretely on the shores of Altis to neutralise a Russian held military base and radar facility. As we arrived in submersibles our equipment was sadly lacking for the task. M4 rifles and a few satchel… Read More ›

Soldiers of Misfortune

Apparently I can’t read and made the video Sons of Misfortune not Soldiers of Misfortune. Derp. We take part in a Rhodesian (read: Zimbabwe) police action in 1972. Farms are being attacked by communists rebels (or something). Our job is… Read More ›

Hostage rescue!

OCB take off from a friendly airbase in a C-17 with civilian vehicles on board. We then fly off to a foreign country host to a hostage crisis. Using a ruse we approach the ATC, military checkpoints and main terminal… Read More ›