Lyndiman’s Ortho UHD Mesh Release

Thanks to @Barf for providing the data to rebuild these tiles. The UHD versions of selected areas are now available to torrent.

Source data provided by LINZ.


These packs are simple drag and drop replacements for the standard tiles.

You can grab the torrents here:

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown UHD Mesh Packs:
Lyndiman Ortho Scenery R4 UHD Mesh Torrent files

You will notice that loading time is longer, and if you accelerate time there is a bit of ‘chug’ when it starts loading in the hefty tiles. Overall though, the experience flying over the Coromandel, or other ranges is much better.

You may want to keep a back up of the previous tiles in case you wish to revert for some reason. No imagery has been updated, however there are some masks differences between these sets. If you simply drop the UHD data in without copying in the texture folder, the sim will crash and say that some texture dds files are missing. So best not to mix and match the files between the versions.

Let me know how you get on!

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25 replies

  1. In a word: Brilliant. You have done the nation proud!

  2. hello, lyndiman. thanks for the beautiful art u have produced. however i have problem with the UHD mesh. i have downloaded ortho for wellington last week. it works beautiful and smooth. today i downloaded wellington UHD mesh and i overwrite the previous wellington ortho. now it cant work. it says ‘problem setting up openGL’. any idea how to fix this?

  3. Hello Lyndiman! This is stunning, very impressive, congrats!

    Downloaded the Queenstown tiles, I was trying to identify where I am flying, at the western edge of the tiles (where the base mesh ends and where the UHD mesh starts). I have observed that on the map above apparently the UHD tiles are shifted to east comparing to X-plane map coordinates (and tile coordinates), with about 0.18-0.20 degrees. Probably the above map is just an approximation, however I am asking to be sure, because I have deleted the corresponding tiles before I copied in the UHDmesh files. If the tiles are totally overlapping, it is OK, however if the UHDmesh files are not covering the whole area of those tiles (-45+168, -45+169, -46+168), I might need to copy back some of the original files. Thank you!

    If you have a revolut card, pls. let me know!

    Best regards, Simpilot Mike

  4. Great work, so nice. Just enjoyed the view from QN airport onto the Remarkables!!
    However, I have some big cuts in the hills around the Gateway scenery of Queenstown. Same with “fsclips” NZQN 1.0.0. It looks like a large “flatten box”.

    Any advice what I can do to get rid of this issue?

  5. hi there. Just wanted to say that what you’ve done here is nothing short of amazing. I’m downloaded the UHD Mesh Wellington area and am currently flying around Palliser Bay with my jaw on the floor. Being able to see the dunes and cliffs rise out of the ocean with every fine detail on display is nothing like I’ve ever seen before in a simulator, or in anything really.

    Even zooming in and going into 3D with Google Earth doesn’t come close to this, this is the next best thing to being there in person. I miss NZ heaps so it’s so enjoyable to get to explore her this way! I hope you consider giving the Otago region the UHD mesh treatment (I went to Uni there for a year, go scarfies!). The beautiful peninsula coming out of Dunedin would be magical with this level of detail.

    Again, thanks for what you’ve done. This has made my week/month/year.

  6. These images look fantastic, I’m fairly new to X-Plane and have been doing a lot of bush flying in NZ, which I’m really enjoying.

    I am having a few problems with the scenery though, three times in the last couple of days when flying low over the landscape I’ve hit invisible scenery – this usually happens when flying low (100-200ft) over ridgelines. Any ideas what could be causing this?

  7. Hi,
    Got the very nice new R4 and UHD now so I was going around all the airports I’ve made to see what the new mesh may have broken. There’s a few with things such as buildings set to a specific msl now floating so I’ll have to change those but that’s my problem and I can fix that. The one I did find which is a bit more of a problem however is at NZFH Fox Glacier. The apron areas to each side of the 27 end of the runway are now two raised lumps compared to the runway making it pretty much unusable. So I was wondering if that was something that could be fixed or is that too much of an issue. If you could let me know either way I would appreciate that as there is a work around and I could move the entire airport west a few metres to flatter ground, repaint the tile and nobody would probably notice but if the mesh could be sorted then that would obviously be the better option.
    Thanks for all your efforts.
    Darren, (DazaXIII at the org)

  8. A couple more snags you may want to look at. On Waiheke Island there is a very large spike on the coast, see pic. Also there is a similar anomaly with another spike in the terrain located close to the end of the runway at NZCX.

  9. Hi. Having a redo of my NZKD airfield to fir the new mesh and found another spike.

  10. Hello,

    My Wellington UHDmesh Ortho R4 torrent download is stalled at 93%; is there anything you can do to seed it? Thank you.

  11. Thanks Lyndiman. I have downloaded the North Island with UHD in Wellington and Auckland.

    Have you seen the new mapping software fromLINZ released last month – Basemap. Photorealistic be great for x-plane if it’s possible to use.

  12. I lost my R3 set and see this new R4 set. I have downloaded and installed the new set. I’m sure its spectacular however, can I ask if other’s have found that it take a massive long time to load up?

  13. I only see 1 peer able to seed data for the Auckland UHD mesh. Is there another way to download besides torrent? Looks like most of the seeds have dropped off

  14. Quick q: is milford sound part of the Queenstown UHD set? that would be awesome!

  15. I’ve got these flat box’s on some hills in queenstown, any ideas?

  16. Where do you put the downloaded files; in the ZZZ_UHD earth nav data folder in custom scenery or just in the custom scenery folder?

  17. I am attempting to torrent Queenstown UHD but no one is seeding. It says there are 0 peers 😦
    Can anyone help?

  18. Hi
    The Ultra High Def Mesh, can I just use this and nothing else? Or do I need to use the Ortho-photography Release 4 as well…I put the Northland and the Auckland mesh together but There were no buildings only the airport.


  19. Emmm, the torrent link has gone for some reason. Could you please check that?

  20. Hi, is there a way I can speak privately with the creator – to ask about a future project potentially involving this ortho, for permissions etc.


    That would be of great help!

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