Online Combat Battalion tactical mission 23rd March 2012

It’s been a long time since I posted anything so I’ll work on catching up on recent events. Here’s a video of a tac where I was a fire support team gunner. It was good work by the boys and lots of fun!


The BCT (Stryker) has made substantial gains across a wide frontage, pushing the TK forces onto the backfoot with the recent losses of what seems to be all their heavy equipment. ISTAR has identified their major troop concentrations as per the mission overlay, which shows a Armoured company reinforced with infantry, holding the vicinity of Feruz Abad. This position will be key in the upcoming operations and needs to be open. With this in mind, we will utilise SF to conduct multiple raids on the same night, to target that Armoured/infantry company’s ability to resupply.

Shown to date, TK forces lack night fighting equipment issued as standard. We shall
also target that weakness by conducting the operation at the start of nightfall.
Be aware, we considered the enemies Armoured vehicles to have been mostly destroyed in the previous operations, but this identification of reinforcements has blown that theory completely. TK forces remain strong, but still lacking C and C.

Local intelligence sources and HUMINT have now confirmed the evidence TK Special forces efforts in raising a militia (as expected) from civilian sources. They are unknown quanity, so be on the lookout in the population areas.

Categories: ARMA 2, Battlefield Simulation

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