Freeware – OSM Overlay for New Zealand and the Chatham Islands

Follow these instructions to add objects to the world, based on OpenStreetMaps data.


Remove any yOrtho4XP Overlay you are using for New Zealand. Add the new overlay to your Custom Scenery folder.

You can download my overlay file generated through World2Xplane here.

Use 7Zip to uncompress the Overlay.

Download and add WorldModels to your custom scenery folder – this is an asset pack that the overlay requires.

Ensure that the Custom Scenery.ini folder has the new overlay listed above the zOrtho4XP packages. My file looks like this:

(All other scenery packs above)

(Ending in the zOrtho4XP… packs)

Let me know if that works for you.

(EDIT: Updated link to new Overlay, which includes some patches you can apply)

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  1. Does this new overlay render the zzz_new_zealand_overlay obsolete? I’ve disabled it for the time being.

    • Probably. I don’t use it.

    • Brian,
      I initially removed this today when I installed the fantastic new overlay, but it’s actually used in a few NZ sceneries for some library objects. X-Plane gives missing library warnings for those sceneries if you remove it.
      So I reinstalled zzz_new_zealand_overlay and edited scenery.ini so that it is right at the bottom of the list, below all of the xOrtho4XP packs. That fixed the missing library warnings, and kept the zOrtho4XP packs from trying to use it as overlay.
      – Chris

      • Same experience here, Chris, but you beat me to the solution. What I have also noticed with the new overlay, though, is the introduction of large numbers of autogen European blockhouse-style multi-storey buildings, which look very odd in places like Havelock North. Using the yOrtho overlay, this doesn’t happen, so built-up areas appear more like the real thing.

      • I agree. I’m looking at downsizing the buildings to at least appear more on a scale of New Zealand construction.

  2. The new overlay is fantastic: the changes to the forests in rural areas, and the building placement are a wonderful improvement. Thank you so much! Mostly Wellington and the Coromandel are so far for me today.
    – Chris

  3. Thanks very much for this. Looks amazing but is a right performance tanker on my system.

    • You might try reducing the number of world objects – there’s a ton of buildings in the overlay, which might be affecting your FPS (although I don’t notice a hit). I very much like the basic overlay, but can’t live with the odd-looking buildings scattered everywhere. I know that this also troubles our esteemed scenery author Lyndiman. In the meantime, I’m using the new yOrtho overlay and the zzz_new_ zealand overlay file like Chris above – and trying to ignore those high-rise roads etc-). But aren’t the new orthos just brilliant?

      • Likewise here Brian, for the mo I’m going down the same road as you and doing my best to ignore the elevated The new orthos are incredible.

  4. I am struggling to get this right!
    Have installed Canterbury R4, then installed UHD Ch-Ch , and the new OSM Overlay.
    I have rearranged the .ini file to have the ortho’s at the bottom and the overlay just above
    I am highly impressed with the way your image of Lyttelton port looks , but mine no!!
    I have the houses, fuel tanks etc but no roads showing?
    Tried re downloading the overlay … just the same ( by the way my overlay file size is 236.2 Mb not 240?)
    I am sure the problem is with me and my 74 year old brain, but is it the loading of the UHD Files or the overlay or something else.
    Tried the graphics on max … no different.
    Hope it is ok posting this here?

    My system: Mac OS 10.13.4 5K Retina , X Plane 11.41
    4 Ghz i7
    16 Gb ram
    Graphics 4096 Mb

    • 20 June 2020 Update: I have gone over my log text file with a fine tooth comb and found missing files: -44+174, -45+173, 145+174, -45+172 … so i’m guessing something has gone wrong in the download or my file overwriting?!!

      • Not necessarily. I get similar entries in my log.txt, and they are just bits of missing ocean that aren’t needed, aren’t part of the Lyndi ortho and the lack of them does no harm. There may be something amiss in your scenery folder or the .ini file’s order of content.

  5. Oh , Thank-you for your comment … thought I might be on to it …I am going back to the start to find out just what is going on!
    Would you be able to post the size of your “overlay osm” folder … mine is 236.2Mb ?

    • The number of files is the important statistic here. My Lyndiman overlay folder contains 9525 files in 62 folders. If yours is the same, that eliminates one problem. If it’s different, try deleting it and redownloading it. If you also have the yOrtho overlay in the Scenery folder, and it appears in your Scenery.ini, you should disable it in the ini file or move it out of the folder. You can contact me direct at if things get complicated!

      • Hi Brian & thank you for your help …
        On my iMac my “NZ Overlay osm folder” contains “6760 items” (this is mac’s way).
        I have re downloaded this same folder on the windows side on my iMac and I get 6696 files in 63 folders ?
        Not quite sure How or why the discrepancy with your system?

  6. The overlay has failed on my setup. Digging into the log it says it needs the R2 library? I don’t see that mentioned anywhere or anyone in the comments mentioning it. huh…

    0:01:13.288 I/DSF: Warning for missing scenery file: -44+166
    0:01:13.288 E/SCN: Failed to find resource ‘R2_Library/zelen/lesy/les_remizky.for’, referenced from scenery package ‘X:\Custom Scenery\yOverlay_LyndimanNZ/’.
    0:01:13.288 E/SCN: X:\Custom Scenery\yOverlay_LyndimanNZ/Earth nav data/-50+160/-46+166.dsf:
    0:01:13.288 E/SCN: The art asset ‘R2_Library/zelen/lesy/les_remizky.for’ could not be found.

  7. Maljen, I don’t work with Macs and have no idea why the file numbers are so different. Are you missing anything else, as well as the roads? Have you checked your log.txt to see if XP is detecting missing bits and pieces?

    • Maljen I use Windows for XP, but Mac for practically everything else. It’s quite usual for Mac filesystems to add at least one hidden index file per (sub)directory/folder, as part of its cataloguing. If the visible files seem to match, don’t worry about the discrepancies in file count, in the first instance..
      However, if you spot subdirectories where there are clearly the wrong number of easily-visible files, that would indicate a problem.
      – Chris

  8. Daniel L – the R2 library is so common in third party airports etc, the overlay author may have assumed it unnecessary to point it out. Will do no harm to install the library anyway – and it may remove your problem.

    • hm that could be possible. though it’s pretty common for most scenery authors to list all dependencies, and not just some of them. I’ve also seen where some authors forget they added a dependent in a beta version and forgot to take them out of the release, which causes issues *shrug*

      i try my best to avoid downloading copious amounts of libraries unnecessarily because it really bogs down memory and can cause issues

  9. Well, if I were you, I’d just download the library – and perhaps send a thank you to Lyndiman for all he’s done for you, for free.

    • Ignoring the snark, I have to get it to work first before any thank you notes are sent. I already downloaded R2 but there are still more errors thrown. Thus why I’m stuck here chatting with you fine fellow.

      Also these comments are a service for others, because if I’m having this much difficultly, I guarantee others are as well, and they maybe gave up without commenting. If I can get this working here, it’ll be sure to help others in the future.

      0:02:51.384 E/SCN: Failed to find resource ‘lib/industry_commerce/greenhouse_30x50.obj’, referenced from scenery package ‘X:\Custom Scenery\yOverlay_LyndimanNZ/’.
      0:02:51.384 E/SCN: X:\Custom Scenery\yOverlay_LyndimanNZ/Earth nav data/-40+170/-37+174.dsf:
      0:02:51.384 E/SCN: Unable to locate object: lib/industry_commerce/greenhouse_30x50.obj
      0:02:51.384 E/SYS: MACIBM_alert: There was a problem loading the scenery package:
      0:02:51.384 E/SYS: MACIBM_alert: X:\Custom Scenery\yOverlay_LyndimanNZ/
      0:02:51.384 E/SYS: MACIBM_alert: The scenery may not look correct.
      0:02:51.384 E/SYS: MACIBM_alert: Please see the Log.txt file for detailed error information.
      0:02:51.384 E/SYS: MACIBM_alert: C:/jenkins/design-triggered/source_code/app/X-Plane-f/../../engine/REN/io_dsf.cpp:808

      • I’m not sure what yOverlay_LyndimanNZ is – my overlay files in the link should take you a 7z folder called Lyndiman_NZ_Overlay_OSM.

        From memory, the World2XP app referenced 4 scenery packs to fill out the overlay:

        The first 3 are includes in the overlay in sub folders, and you need to download and add World-Objects from the org store.

        If it does require more libraries, that is probably better since the variety of objects needs to be expanded, so I’m operating from memory only right now, and I’ll update the documentation to match.

      • thanks for getting back to me. I did change the main folder name to fit better alphabetically with some of my other other overlays. I’ve done that before without issue. Does that matter here?

        The line I think is causing issues is:
        “Unable to locate object: lib/industry_commerce/greenhouse_30x50.obj”

        Wasn’t sure what folder “lib” was supposed to be. In the yOverlay_LyndimanNZ folder 5 subfolders:

        Earth Nav Data

        Then I also downloaded “R2_library”. Do I need another library to stop the error messages?

  10. My XP runs under Windows, so I lack any knowledge of how this overlay would behave on a Mac system. Lyndiman will be the better-informed source of advice. I imagine he’s taking a break from the computer, after putting in all the hours upgrading his scenery -)

    You could try re-downloading the overlay pack, or go back to the yOrtho alternative in the meantime.

  11. Hi there. I went back and tried again from scratch, keeping the folder name identical (Lyndiman_NZ_Overlay_OSM) to try and weed out any user errors on my end. However I’m still getting the following error:

    “Failed to find resource ‘lib/industry_commerce/greenhouse_30x50.obj’, referenced from scenery package ‘X:\Custom Scenery\Lyndiman_NZ_Overlay_OSM/’.”

    Also a lot of the cities look pretty empty. There are scattered trees and a couple buildings but most streets are void of models, which leads me to believe something is still incorrect somewhere 😦
    I took a screenshot but unsure how to upload here to show you.

    Only other issue I can think of is a bad scenery_packs.ini file. Here’s a cutout of what I have arranged:

    SCENERY_PACK X:\Custom Scenery\OpenSceneryX/
    SCENERY_PACK X:\Custom Scenery\world-models/
    SCENERY_PACK X:\Custom Scenery\R2_Library/
    SCENERY_PACK X:\Custom Scenery\Airport Environment HD/
    SCENERY_PACK X:\Custom Scenery\Global Forests/
    SCENERY_PACK X:\Custom Scenery\ExoFlora/
    SCENERY_PACK X:\Custom Scenery\Lyndiman_NZ_Overlay_OSM/
    SCENERY_PACK X:\Custom Scenery\yOrtho4XP_Overlays/
    SCENERY_PACK X:\Custom Scenery\zOrtho4XP_-35+174/

    Thanks for any help! I really want to get this working, I love New Zealand! (went to University of Otago for a bit 😀 )

  12. Daniel, try either removing the yOrtho4XP overlay from your Custom Scenery folder, or disabling it in your ini file. You have two overlays active.

    • hi Brian – thanks for the response. I tried that, but it had no effect. I’ve also gone through the yOrtho4XP folder to check and it didn’t contain any tiles from NZ (i was using other NZ overylay before this, which I’ve since deleted).

      I have it set up as close as can be to the instructions, so not sure what’s going on. I’m still hung up on the “lib/industry_commerce/greenhouse_30x50.obj” issue at it may be a part of a larger problem. Do you have a “lib/industry_commerce” folder as part of your NZ overlay download?

      • Hi Daniel, I’m with you with the many empty houses/buildings … maybe we are missing files … see above posts as to the number of files in the Lyndiman_NZ_Overlay_OSM folder … i am well short of Brians number? (9525 files/ 62 Folders)
        I have re downloaded the folder (*2 ) and still get 6696 files & 63 folders (on windows)
        What is your count?

      • @maljen02 – I have 6696 files in 63 folders as well. If we indeed need 9525 files then that could explain our missing buildings. I wonder if there was an issue after Mr. Lyndiman added that latest patch?

  13. There is no such folder in the overlay package. Your error message is caused by the overlay trying to reference the FF Library (, which I do have installed. I get no missing object messages, perhaps because I have most if not all the commonly used libraries in the scenery folder.

    • well how bout that, another library snuck in there! I’ll download as well I and see if that fixes things. So at this point we have:

      —————- – contained in download
      1) facades-BlackRoods
      2) facades-osm2xp
      3) facades-w2xp
      —————- – additional downloads
      4) world-models
      5) R2_Library
      6) FF Library

      @maljen02 – I have 6696 files in 63 folders as well. If we indeed need 9525 files then that could explain our missing buildings. I wonder if there was an issue after Mr. Lyndiman added that latest patch?

      • 7) opensceneryx

        I am also struggling with the number of assumptions made about what’s already installed to make this pack work. I guess that’s what we get for free… there’s a reason OrbX can charge for their super easy to use scenery installer etc.

  14. Hi,
    many many thanks for your effort and everything what u’ve done so far.

    I have same issues with OpenSceneryX library. Latest installed 4.0.4 and yet still problems with objects referring in Lyndiman_NZ_Overlay_OSM

    Failed to find resource ‘opensceneryx/objects/buildings/marine/lighthouses/1.obj’, referenced from scenery package ‘Custom Scenery/Lyndiman_NZ_Overlay_OSM/’.
    Failed to find resource ‘opensceneryx/objects/buildings/commercial/cellphone_towers/1.obj’, referenced from scenery package ‘Custom Scenery/Lyndiman_NZ_Overlay_OSM/’.
    Failed to find resource ‘opensceneryx/objects/buildings/industrial/tanks/2.obj’, referenced from scenery package ‘Custom Scenery/Lyndiman_NZ_Overlay_OSM/’.


    Objects in 4.0.4 exists but seems to be exported like wrong way

    in library.txt we see
    EXPORT opensceneryx/objects/buildings/industrial/cranes/1.obj

    i think export should goes from opensceneryx/objects/buildings/industrial/cranes/1/object.obj <– this is present on harddrive (installed) to objects/buildings/industrial/cranes/1.obj

    something is messed up with OpenSceneryX library

    What version have you used when overlay was created ??


    • OpenSceneryX version should be 4.4.0 – typo error

      • Hi Franz F
        Just checked my OpenSceneryX Version … it is the same as yours.. 4.4.0 and I don’t get any error’s

        I checked my log and here is a copy of the crane text for reference:

        EXPORT opensceneryx/objects/buildings/industrial/cranes/1.obj objects/buildings/industrial/cranes/1/object.obj

        Have you tried a fresh install of OpenSceneryX & make sure there is no older version interfering ?


      • Hi Mal,
        thx for tip. I’ve removed and reinstalled library from scratch. now works fine just small missing objects like everyone else left for me as well..
        0:00:16.358 E/SCN: Failed to find resource ‘lib/industry_commerce/greenhouse_30x50.obj’, referenced from scenery package ‘Custom Scenery/Lyndiman_NZ_Overlay_OSM/’.
        0:00:16.358 E/SCN: Custom Scenery/Lyndiman_NZ_Overlay_OSM/Earth nav data/-40+170/-37+174.dsf:
        0:00:16.358 E/SCN: Unable to locate object: lib/industry_commerce/greenhouse_30x50.obj


        greenhouse_30x50.obj fixed with FF Library Extended LOD installed.

  15. Just have to say a huge thanks or the Chathams! It’s all amazing, but so nice to see this part of the country covered so brilliantly.

  16. Hi Lyndiman,

    I am following this thread trying to figure out why
    1. I have autogen (houses / forests) when I don’t have R2_Library installed, but no landmark buildings (shops / churches etc)
    and 2. With R2_Library installed I lose all my autogen, but now I have landmark objects
    There seems to be a conflict somewhere but I can not figure out what is happening, I also downloaded every library mentioned in this thread, tried removing or even changing orders of folders in the INI file. But my result is either Autogen with no landmarks, or landmarks with no autogen.

    Any ideas?

    • By looking at your screenshots I have realized my installation is correct, but the OSM overlay does indeed remove autogen from where it is needed.

      Not sure how to resolve this.

      • This can only be resolved in the W2XP config.xml that was used to create the OSM overlays by enabling smart exclusions and tweaking parameters building-exclusion-range and buildings-per-grid. Since Lyndiman didn’t publish the config it would be up to him to fix that. Otherwise you can create your own.

      • Dylan did you figure this out? I just troubleshooted this issue tonight and traced it to the R2 library, No matter where I put it in the scenery.ini, it nerfs all buildings at airports in NZ (maybe elsewhere – have not tried). I disable it, and we are good but I get scenery warnings. Always something with flightsimming fml.

  17. My Buildings wont load

    • I
      1000 Version

      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/ExoAirports/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/_Wellington City NZ/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/NZAA Auckland International/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/NZCH Christchurch International Airport (ISDG)/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/NZQN/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/ALES LIB/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/OpenSceneryX/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/BS2001 Object Library/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/CDB-Library/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/ff_library/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/ff_library_extended_LOD/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/flags_of_the_world/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/gt_library/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/JB_Library/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/MisterX_Library/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/NZWN – Wellington International, no static/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/THE-FRUIT-STAND Aircraft Library v3.0/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/The_Handy_Objects_Library/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Waves_Library/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/3D_people_library/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Aerosoft – EDDF Frankfurt/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Aerosoft – EDLP Paderborn-Lippstadt/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Aerosoft – EGLL Heathrow/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Aerosoft – LFMN Nice Cote d Azur X/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Aerosoft – LFPO Paris Orly/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Aerosoft – LPFR Faro/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Global Airports/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/KSEA Demo Area/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/LOWI Demo Area/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/X-Plane Landmarks – Chicago/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/X-Plane Landmarks – Dubai/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/X-Plane Landmarks – Las Vegas/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/X-Plane Landmarks – London/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/X-Plane Landmarks – New York/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/X-Plane Landmarks – Sydney/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/X-Plane Landmarks – Washington DC/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/world-models/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Lyndiman_NZ_Overlay_OSM/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/yOrtho4XP_Overlays/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/zOrtho4XP_-41+174/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/zOrtho4XP_-41+175/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/zOrtho4XP_-41+176/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/zOrtho4XP_-42+174/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/zOrtho4XP_-42+175/
      SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/zOrtho4XP_-42+176/

    • mine won’t either. I also don’t get any zOrth4XP in my ini file.

  18. I hope someone helps me. I can’t work this out. I followed the directions and there are no xOrtho4XP in my ini file. Also, my airport just looks like it is painted on the ground now. It’s 2D. I followed the directions but am really lost with what I’ve done wrong. I wish someone would video themselves doing the whole process on youtube. I saw one person do some of the process which was different to the directions on here. I’d confidently say that I have spent more than 10 hours on this. Please help.

  19. Could you please show us your scenery.ini file and let us know where you have stored the NZ ortho files? It is not clear if your problem is related to the ortho scenery or the mesh. The author of these files has not been active here for more than a year. You can send me a PM at


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