Battlefield Simulation

ARMA 3: The Saboteur

I hid the silenced pistol in my bag with several explosive charges and left the inflatable ashore, hidden by the rocks. Several infantry patrols wandered down the street while guerrillas were noticeable much closer to the bomb factory…

Invasion Sahrani: Day 2

Friday night saw the kick off of my new campaign: Sahrani Invasion, Day 1. Our platoon was slightly shorthanded because Friday night isn’t a normal tac night.  We had a massive firefight clearing defensive positions which was good fun to see…. Read More ›

DCS Live Streams!

If you haven’t been keeping up to date with DCS World you may not have seen the live streams that kicked off a couple of weeks ago. Matt Wagner from Eagle Dynamics has been on twitch livestreaming the latest test… Read More ›

ARMA 3: Stratis Operations

Stratis Operations: MISSION: Insert into Camp and setup defenses. Clear routes of IEDs and conduct an Assault on enemy bomb factory. Stratis Operations was a smaller mission that I ran. The enemies were placed down and largely controlled using Zeus… Read More ›