Invasion Sahrani: Day 2

Friday night saw the kick off of my new campaign: Sahrani Invasion, Day 1. Our platoon was slightly shorthanded because Friday night isn’t a normal tac night.  We had a massive firefight clearing defensive positions which was good fun to see…. Read More ›

ARMA 3: Stratis Operations

Stratis Operations: MISSION: Insert into Camp and setup defenses. Clear routes of IEDs and conduct an Assault on enemy bomb factory. Stratis Operations was a smaller mission that I ran. The enemies were placed down and largely controlled using Zeus… Read More ›

Squad Pre-Alpha Sneak Peek

On Saturday night I had about an hour of pre-alpha gameplay of the spiritual successor to Project Reality, a BF:2 mod. Squad is a team based tactical shooter that emphasizes hardcore elements, such as easy deaths, no magic HUD and movement… Read More ›

Altian Freedom part 3

Here’s a video from last week’s second mission of the Altian Freedom online campaign. In this mission our task is to spearhead a convoy through enemy lines to capturing several over-watch positions and clear a main supply route. 

Altian Freedom part 2

After Action Report Mission 1, Part 2 OCB motorised platoon with support from Sabre callsign (CAS Heli) is to advance as a northern flank protection force for 1BCT assaulting Athira and capturing its airfield. Click here for part 1 After… Read More ›