Flight Simulation

Various changes!

Over the past couple of days I’ve spent my free time fixing up a few things. Mainly around Queenstown and the central North Island. One area of interest was a dis-colouration of Tongariro and Ruapehu. Fixing the colours is a… Read More ›

Meltford Sounds

Next I’ll be working on the Milford Sounds, an area I’ve never been happy with. There seems to be quick a few issues with this area which I couldn’t get my head around a few years ago. Lazy me. Here’s… Read More ›

Whakatane Patch!

There was a bit of a tile mess going on around Whakatane, so here’s a patch to clean up the area and restore the river. Darren contacted me on the X-Plane forums with this screen shot: Not only is the… Read More ›

Sky-high Bandwidth!

If you were downloading my torrents and noticed it suddenly finish earlier than expected, you probably aren’t alone. Today I plugged in my gigabit router and my uploads were going 10x faster. Here’s a speed test: