Ultra High Def Mesh – All done

I’ve now finished processing the new mesh, which should be available soon.

This mesh, made from DEMs provided by Barf (thanks Barf!) covers Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. The polygons building the landscape will now vary depending on where you are.

The amount of space required to cover all of New Zealand, including the Chatham Islands is over 300GB.

Lyttleton Harbour
Quarries around Hauraki

Queenstown in particular can look quite striking with it’s surrounding mountains.

The shotover river has some problems too. If you look at this with the standard mesh, the river has some issues not being too flat.

It looks a lot better now:

I’ll release the new packs soon. I’m not sure if I should just re-release the scenery with these changes, or make new packs with just the UHD quality tiles.

Some people may not want the bigger, higher quality mesh, so keeping them separate might be a good idea.

Categories: Flight Simulation

3 replies

  1. Separate packs is preferable; I can’t bear the thought of another two or three days watching the whole lot download on my snail-pace torrent -)

  2. I agree – separate packs for this upgrade if possible, please.
    For me, it’s the download time plus the time and disc-space choreography required to get everything into the right place and other stuff backed up 🙂
    – Chris

  3. Awesome, thanks so much for all your amazing work on this @lyndiman!!!

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