New mesh for Wellington

Similar work to what has happened around Auckland and the Coromandel, has now been completed for Wellington.

Getting the lighting right, you can see the difference below:

The old mesh is on the left, while the right shows much more detail and shadows.
Here’s a look at Kapiti Island:

You can see the little ridges and edges to the cliffs – much nicer.

Looking over the Tararua Forest is a similar story.

Finally, here’s Cape Palliser at the bottom of the North Island:

I’m working these orthos with a couple of iterations of the mesh to build a model that takes the DEM with data points every 8 metres, and then enhances it with a partial mesh that has data every 2 metres. I’m then redoing it if the number of faces on the mesh exceeds about 8 million. This seems to get a good balance and is what Barf, who supplied the mesh recommended.

Another important note, is the size. It will increase markedly, even though the imagery is the same. The data to build a high definition tile somestimes goes from 50MB to 5GB. So it’s a hefty download!

Now I just need to work in Christchurch and Queenstown and it will be finished!

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  1. This looks awesome !
    May I ask, as I’m not sure if this is a fault of mine, but the runway at NZPP is lumpy when I copy the UDH Mesh over my installation.

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