Gearing up for Release 4

I haven’t made many changes over the past few days, apart from fixing some shoreline on Rangitoto Island.

In order to test things out, I’ve installed my Bell 407 and taken several flights around the North Island. You can check out some screen shots below from my travels:

You can see that I’ve been flying with real world weather, and the visibility has not been great. One issue that pops up in X-Plane is that as the visibility is low, the low resolution global mesh appears, which looks odd and wrong.

Note the low res mesh on the horizon.

My understanding is that this is an X-Plane bug to solve. You can remove it by extending the visibility range. There’s also this temporary fix which I haven’t tried.

Moving forward, I’ll wrap up the torrents and prepare to launch them for sharing. I’m no longer seeding the Release 3, and there’s a big note on the download page that they aren’t worth downloading now.

Here in New Zealand, we generally have pretty good internet. I have a gigabit fibre connection with unlimited bandwidth. Often I’m uploading over a terabyte of data in a month.

The release will be branded as a ‘beta’ as there might some issues that need fixing. If you are particularly sensitive to downloading a massive amount of data, you might want to hold off until others have tried it out first.

Also, if you currently have Release 3, and are totally happy with it, this release is an iteration, so don’t expect wholesale changes to each region, but more tweaks and updates.

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  1. For me, the one successful fix for the low-res floating mountains problem has been this small lua script:

    It’s worked for me in every version of X-Plane11 so far, up to 11.41, and with all the versions of FlyWithLua I’ve used up to 2.7.22

    Although I haven’t tried any betas for 11.50, I note there’s discussion of this kind of issue there too:

    – Chris

  2. Will you be adding the missing bits of sea that the XP log.txt reports? EG -41+177 and 178? Just being picky-)

  3. Hi Lyndiman, love your work and wanted to reach out because I’ve had some success shoe-horning the LINZ LiDAR DEMs in using Ortho4XP.

    I could flick you the GeoTIFFs I’ve produced in EPSG:4326 if you’d like to try using them? Welcome to contact me, would be cool to collaborate!

    • Great! I’d love to do a high definition mesh that people could download and overwrite the mesh in the existing tiles.

      If you want to share the DEMs – give me a link to grab them – wichid at gmail dot com.

      • check your mailbox! 🙂

        Sent you Wellington and Auckland (GeoTIFF) DEMs at varying resolutions.

        Hopefully my naming convention makes sense – the TIFFs were merged, reprojected, cropped and cut into XP 1-degree tiles from the tilesets on using GDAL, QGIS and some bash scripting

      • I haven’t received anything – maybe they were too big? Could you send a link to download them maybe – wichid at gmail dot com.

      • Oh it was just a link to Google drive – maybe gmail is junking my message, check your spam folder maybe? from stuart at macintosh dot nz

      • Ah yes, there it is. I’ll take a look!

      • Pulling it down at 40MB/s 🙂

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