The mechanics of Mechanics Bay

I’ve been browsing through dozens of airfields to quickly see if I can find problems that will haunt me in the new release. Things like a sudden step half way through a runway, are really hard to catch, but totally breaks the airfield.

One historic level of broken has always been NZMB – Mechanics Bay. This is where the Auckland NZ Police ‘Eagle’ helicopter and the Westpac Rescue helicopter both base their operations. I’ve been there, and it’s a pretty cool base.

Unfortunately, every time you run this heliport out of Ortho4xp, it comes out broken:

Default gateway scenery, with my new mesh. Ouch!
Nice little water feature
Annoyingly the Parnell Baths are not flat.

So I set about doing a patch to try and fix what is going on here. Bascially, I just draw a polygon over the wharf area, set it to 2-3 metres altitude and I should get a nice little platform of equal gradient. Easy?

After hours of effort I got this as a result:

Oh my god, I’ve broken the world.

Luckily I figured out the issue by using JOSM to manually edit the aerodrome.

This might look terrible, but it’s progress!

With the scenery removed, I finally got a working mesh.
I should also note, that I don’t even have a helicopter installed!
Putting together a scenery pack for people that want default scenery. I’ve included the new default embankment facade to the shoreline.
More progress adding scenery. Now with more a maritime rescue service too.
Building a bit of a fake Port of Auckland.
Getting near the end.

And here’s the final result:

I’ve included large exclusion zones, so with this pack, all the weird trees will be removed from the Auckland Central City waterfront.

Overall, I’m really happy with this result.

Now, if you want the best quality scenery for free – go here:

This is custom scenery with third party assets, that will add a highly detailed ‘real world’ look to the central city. All going well, this will work seamlessly with my new ortho.


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  1. As part of the HeliSimmer community, THANK YOU! Mechanics Bay is a fantastic area and will be even better now you’ve resolved the mesh issues!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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