Northlands Kaikohe- NZKO

The current NZKO is misaligned by hundreds of metres which makes it a terrible sloped airport up the side of a hill.

There is a gateway airport that fixes this and does a basic job of putting objects into the airport, but I thought I’d do another one with a bit more detail.

This airfield is interesting because it also caters to gliders and model aircraft flying.

I’ve removed the parked aircraft from the ortho and replaced them with objects in the scenery. I’ve also added little run way markers on the ground.

Off to one side there are sail plane trailers and some hangars, I’ve exaggerated it slightly, as there is a limited range of default hangars to choose from. I usually pick an industrial shed etc.

I’ve also placed hundreds of trees and forest zones based on the photos.

The main facilities aren’t realistic, as I don’t have much information of what is really there, so I just threw together what I felt like, I even included a little playground.

So there we have it, – you can download my scenery pack here.

Categories: Flight Simulation

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  1. Thank you – much appreciated!

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