Gisborne again

Not a huge amount of work for this update.

Gisborne has been updated to 2017 imagery which fixes a lot of discolouration. I’ve also added a mask to the harbour, around the outer side at least. I can’t get too far from the shore, or the imagery runs out and goes black.

Gross and old
A new Gisborne

Other changes that I’ve finalised are the Auckland Intl area and added in some iron sand around Manukau Heads as this is on the approach path. I then added in a new suburb to Botany South.

Lake Rotorua has been fixed also, and Lake Rotoiti will get a clean up too. I’ll try to clean up the colour errors in this area as I don’t have good source imagery.

Rotorua Regional Airport – before with artifacts in the water.
After – with a touch of photoshop

Here some more nastiness I’ll look to fix:

Lake Rotoiti

I also did a quick flight from Paraparaumu to Turangi. I’m a big fan of limiting the visibility to something quite realistic, even with a bunch of Ortho available. Hiding most of it actually makes the stuff you do see quite interesting.

One of the things I noticed was that even when it’s a merky day, the dithered masks and shadows really pop out a lot more now. Nice!

Categories: Flight Simulation

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  1. Gisborne looks much better now. You might take a look at Greymouth and maybe Kaikoura when time permits.

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