Water you lookin’ at?

I slowly lost my mind yesterday and probably spent a couple of hours last night trying to recreate the masks for the whole of New Zealand that included more coastline.

The ortho on the right with it’s mask on the left – black is sea.

As you can see above, the mask looks horribly broken all of a sudden, it also doesn’t match the mask made earlier this week.

Hours later I realised this is the cross-over between two tiles, and the rest of the mask is actually in the adjacent tile.

Here’s the result of the rework, compared to the previous coastline, which was more of a hard stop.

Now you can see some iron sands on the west coast.

I’ve changed the default 100m mask fadeout which doesn’t seem to fade at all.

This presents a major regression though – all the masks I’ve processed don’t fit with the new images, so I have to redo or edit them. So, that was my Friday night.

Here’s a look at Nelson:

NZNS, now with harbour.

A new area of focus is around Rotorua, which has bad imagery. Gisborne needs replacing also. And I want to add in missing suburbs around Auckland’s growth areas.

Any other areas of interest, let me know!

Categories: Flight Simulation

2 replies

  1. Looking awesome!

  2. The WHOLE coastline? That would be stupendous.

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