Various changes!

Over the past couple of days I’ve spent my free time fixing up a few things. Mainly around Queenstown and the central North Island.

One area of interest was a dis-colouration of Tongariro and Ruapehu. Fixing the colours is a pain, so I’ve changed the colours to blend it better around the mountains:


Existing bright greenish tones

Now it looks like this:


Less of an alien look to it.

I’ve also take another look at Wanganui. It was using a separate piece of footage that was very brown and dry looking:


It looks like someone has been spraying weed killer.

I’ve updated it with some nice 2017 imagery from LINZ:


Updated – Wanganui is alive again.

I’ve also gone through Queenstown again and changed the levels to match the surrounding area, so it’s not so bright now:

Queenstown Colour Matched

Every tile in the scenery has been recreated using the latest version of Ortho4XP which has a better bump decal and a new mesh. Xplane also adds shadows to the mesh. You can see a comparison between the old and new here:

Fiordland Comparison2

New, on the left. Old, on the right without shadows.

This makes Milford Sound a really fun place with the new imagery!



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