New Release! North Island R3

After quite a bit of tweaking I’m releasing a new North Island ortho. 

This is a release for the whole of the North Island, including Northland, which I only recently updated. This new Northland has a better mesh for Auckland though. The whole North Island totals 104GB of downloads, and it’s totally worth it!

You can grab the links for the torrents here.

You will also need the Overlay.

North Island Map.JPG

To summarise changes, quite a few seams have been blended together, like this. Before:




Also, the Hawkes Bay has a bit more green:


Coming soon, I’ll release a new South Island, which has a few tweaks, but mostly just an updated mesh:

Southern Alps Glacier.JPG

Any questions? Post them below!

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12 replies

  1. Excellent!
    As usual, will seed.

    By the way, does NZ_North_Island_Ortho_Northland_R3 replace North_Island_Ortho_Northland_Waikato_R2?

    If yes, i will stop seeding that.


  2. Hey Lyndiman, I’m going through doing a custom DSM set for the PNG Ortho (such that it is) and have hit a few tiles with mesh errors. Any chance you can shade how you fixed those errors in the NZ mesh tiles? (am using the Jaxa DSM)

  3. Hi, I see the download has a Overlay option, Is this HD Mesh Scenery v4 ??

  4. Also i notice your overlay zip contains a folder for +48-006, seems a little out the way.

  5. Thx a lot and a happy new year! 😀

  6. Great stuff! Thanks! Was there 25 years ago… good to see it from the sky 😉
    Looking forward to the updated South Island!

  7. Pulling my hair out.
    Added the Napier airport. Fantastic, great job!
    however I added the latest folder zOrtho4XP_-40+176 in the Custom Scenery folder, however the photo scenery does not show. It still shows the XP default scenery. Napier harbour still covered with trees, etc. I’m pretty sure I have the order right in the scenery_packs.ini.
    Tried deleting all but ortho4xp folders and global airports from the Custom Scenery folder and even did a complete reinstall but no change.
    What am I doing wrong? Anyone in the in or near Hastings who could help me out?

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