NZ Ortho: North Island Update!

I’ve released the first update of the North Island. This is for the region below:

North Island Packs.jpg

I should also mention, I’ve removed links to the rest of the North Island now, which is the older beta release that required converting the images. This means if you’re after other parts of the North Island, they aren’t available right now. That’s better than downloading a lot of data just to want to overwrite it.

The biggest change is Northland, benefiting from a release of new aerial photography by Land Information New Zealand.

Here’s what it looks like in the Sim:


Aside from Northland, I’ve replaced Auckland and cleaned up a lot of seams that you may have seen from my previous posts.

I’m seeding this new torrent with my internet connection. If you appreciate this work, feel free to donate via PayPal. I’ll work up another seed if there’s interest!


You can download the new torrent file now from the Ortho page.

If something doesn’t work, post a comment below and let me know.



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9 replies

  1. Excellent work as always, Im in the process of a new PC build so a download and donation is on the cards for the near future…Ill wait until its all updated though to grab it.

    Will you be doing a similar update run for the South or is there no new data for down there?

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work. I’ve just downloaded and installed it 🙂

  3. Thank you for the hard work on this. If it helps i’m seeding it also.

  4. I came across your page just this week and have begun downloading (and seeding). I have downloaded the Wellington R3 files, installed and very please with the results. However, I’ve got an issue I’ve experienced with other Ortho tiles, that I cant seem to resolve for find info on in X-Plane forums. When I have the world objects slider moved up in graphics options (I like the cars and 3D buildings), X-Plane places trees where they shouldn’t be. For example, if you click on my link here, you’ll see 2 screen shots taken of the Wellington R3 tiles, but there are trees on the roof tops of building and even the Cake Tin has trees through it! I’ve included my scenery.ini file in there too, as I’ve understood, it may be due to the order I have things in, but so far, no mater what order I try I either get no x-plane generated scenery or the issue above. May you or your subscribers can point me in the right direction?

    • Hi ya – Unfortunately I don’t really alter where trees go. When building the tiles I simply pull in the default data from X-Plane for the overlays. If you want, you can add the NZ Pro Scenery overlay to add LINZ data trees and power lines etc, but there’s no easy way to remove trees. If you want to remove trees from an area, the best way would probably to create a scenery pack with WED – so perhaps NZWN could have tree exclusion zones for the whole Central City (for example). I hope that helps!


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