Coromandel Seams fine to me

Yesterday I worked on the Coromandel, to tidy up the seam between photo sets. This should mean that I only have some issues to fix around Raglan and the Hawkes Bay before I’m halfway through the North Island redo.

Here’s what it looks like from space. This seam aligns right where Pauanui is, which would have been annoying for anyone enjoying their grass strip.





The process for fixing the seam involves merging a mosaic of images together. I have to do that because the seam runs along where images join up, so it can’t be fixed inside any one image. I then work to align the brightness and blend the terrain with the clone or healing tool. It only takes a few minutes, but can involve many many images overall. It gets nasty if I get it wrong too. You’ll still see the areas change in look between the photo sets, but the seam is camouflaged and much less jarring.

The big feature for this release is Northland which has new LINZ data. Here’s what they say:

“We’re particularly excited about the new rural data for Northland, which replaces some of the oldest and disparate aerial imagery on LDS.”

They’re being polite about the old imagery, it was basically fluro stained, unusable garbage.

Finally, thanks again to those who have donated. I should have a big download for you some time soon!

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