Northland – Re-Issue

LINZ has been making some changes and released some new aerial photography for Northland and other spots around the country. This was badly needed as the area was unusable.

Here’s what it look liked before, and why I couldn’t use it:


The new scenery, captured between 2014 and 2016 looks like the images below. I’ve done some work in Photoshop, including digital errors and some fires with smoke. I’ve also removed glare as the photos seemed a bit washed out.


This will come out soon with a redo of the North island, which will have some improvements and won’t require the conversion of JPGs to DDS. Torrents will be for regions, as the South Island is now.

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  1. That’s great news. Fingers-crossed it will include Napier looking less like the Sahara desert. My guess is that the original material was done by the late Aerial Mapping, which is slightly odd because they were based at Hastings before collapsing, and had plenty of chances to catch the airfield while it was green. Any news on fixing the collapsed cliff just south of St Clair beach, Dunedin? Several houses are heading for the briny.

  2. Looks good. Thank you 🙂


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