Seams to be progressing


Here’s a quick look at where I’m up to around Te Anau. This originally was made up of very bright patches which I’m slowly reworking to all relatively fit together. You can see some final gaps need to be masked up and adjusted and seams still need to be fixed. I also need to redo the dark brown part near the top. It’s too dark, which came about from the dark tones Fiordland.

Luckily this doesn’t look too bad until you hit high altitude. Sometimes you need to go into outer space to see the patchwork, which is where this screenshot comes from.

USB 3.0 issues

Thanks to those that have contributed money towards the project. I’m going to go off at lunch time and pick up a new USB 3.0 PCI controller. My motherboard has USB 3.0 but it un-mounts the hard drive randomly. I think this is because the drivers are generic Microsoft ones and Intel hasn’t put out any Windows 10 drivers. Let’s hope that fixes the problem, right now running terabytes of data in USB 2.0 is a nightmare! A HDD that randomly disappears is too!

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  1. Oh, the woes of finding a good USB 3.0 PCI controller. I found a really brilliant one on Ebay: The Sonnet Allegro Pro. It is not cheap, but it works right out of the box.

  2. I have a Corsair power unit. It comes with a big bag of connectors. Corsair is highly recommended for power uses.

    • Yeah Corsair also. I remember it had a nice big box. I have 3 hard drives connected internally and sadly no more cables for the controller. I probably recycled the box, but no idea if it had more cables. I’ve probably used them all.

  3. Somehow or other, I have been transformed by your WordPress site into my wife!

  4. I think I’ll have to continue under Julia’s name until we figure this out. Start worrying if I take selfies of me wearing her undergarments. Your website seems to associate my email address with her ID. You don’t seem to have a subscriber facility on this blog. Check ours at

    Regards! Brian

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