Ortho WIP: Queenstown

It’s been slow going over the weekend. Mostly because I haven’t had much time on the PC, and also because the last couple of tiles have taken a huge amount of time to colour correct. The JAXA elevation has been failing in Ortho4XP, creating flat tiles, so I’ve resorted to running the TIFFs through GDAL translations to clean up the tags.

Here’s what a broken tile looks like – flat, except for airport elevation data.


After running a GDAL script it is processed in Ortho4XP to look like this:

Queenstown hills.JPG

Queenstown approach.JPG

Categories: Flight Simulation

10 replies

  1. Wow, big difference! Loving your work and thank you for putting all your hard work! 🙂

  2. Are you using the .exe or the .py (python) version of Ortho4XP? If you use the python version of Ortho it includes GDAL and does it all for you 😉

    • I’m using the py version. It should work, but these last two tiles have been broken. it’s being very problematic. I’m trying to fix this now: http://imgur.com/a/P4xef

      It only affects -46+167 -46+168 so far

      • Bizarre since I never had any problems with mine and I flew into those areas VERY recently. Were you using the *_DSM.tif files in the Median folder?

        Sorry for the Q’s but it’s got me beat as I didn’t have to do anything like that. (Though I did have one little instance were the Tower of Orthanc had moved deep into the Southern Alps O.o).

      • Yep doing it like you did.

        It could be that the python script relies on locally installed versions as opposed to the self-contained versions that the executable uses.

        Do you know what version of Python you have installed? Maybe that’s my issue.

  3. Awesome shots again, cant get over how good the alps look!

  4. You should have gdal and several other modules loaded when you go through the install process. Did you go through the full install tutorial?

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