South Island WIP – North Canterbury

North Canterbury.JPG

Work is progressing with the South Island.

You can see above that the North Canterbury hills around Kaikoura are pretty large. This area is dry, so I’ve been doing some balancing work because it was so much brighter. In the distance there are much more muddy tones which I’ve blended into, but it remains a dramatic change.

This area was hit with a big earthquake recently, so the road around the coast is actually closed and traffic needs to go via inland minor roads. A massive detour!

It’s interesting zooming in on a Cessna to see the scale and vastness of the South Island, which is so easy to lose in 2D ortho photos.

This should put my progress through the South Island at about 15%. Quite a way to go!

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2 replies

  1. Looking really good, Actually right now they are covered in snow.
    Just a question, is it possible to include the road traffic in your file to drive on the left instead of the right ? Being two downloads just wondered if it could be incorporated in each as a country thing.

    Your work is very much appreciated. I did leave my machine on all night seeding but unfortunately it was beta 1, so those that got it will have to do the patch as well.

    • hi ya! Road traffic should work correctly but it looks like they broke it after X-Plane 10. I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to mod the driving since they changed how it works in 10, it’s probably best to just log a support ticket instead.

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