South Island – 1 tile done, HDD issues

Here’s a few shots from the top of the South Island. These were actually taken before the Overlay went on, so it actually has more details now, with trees, buildings, roads and power lines added on top.

There’s quite a bit of recolouring and re-balancing going into these to make them seamless as I mentioned before.

Here are the results:

Unfortunately, my HDD is playing up. This actually first occurred last weekend when the drive completely vanished from Windows. If I replugged it in (USB) it wouldn’t find it. No disk manager or SeaTools could see any drive or any unknown device. I tested it on different PC’s and it appears to work in USB 2 but not USB 3 on my main computer. I even changed cables. Connected via USB 2 it passed tests. Oddly enough, after a couple of hours of troubleshooting what the cause could be, it just started working again.

High on the suspect list is the USB 3 controller. It’s part of the motherboard and might have a driver issue. Otherwise it might be failing and I really don’t want to have to buy a new high capacity drive so soon.

Currently the drive unmounts and remounts intermittently.  I had hoped that altering the power saving settings on the port would fix it, but it still occurs. When this happens the torrent errors out and stops, so seeding ends. It might some time before I restart the torrent due to a 1 second drop out. If you see the torrent isn’t seeded, just leave it and it will come back at some point.

If the drive fails I’ll have to restore the package from the backed up JPGs and buy another drive.

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3 replies

  1. For some reason my PC shutdown overnight so the seeding from me stopped. Got it back up now. 17 peers! wow. Have uploaded 12.7Gb so far and will keep it open (might change it to my server though as it’s currently running on my workstation.

    BTW I noticed that you have scripts in every folder and copies of nvcompress in every folder too. Will try come up with a master script for you.

  2. I think we have 11 seeds which is pretty good.

    I used a quick script to list all the files in the folder and then add nvcompress.exe in front. It was far easier to do that for each folder instead of try and work out one that went into sub directories.

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