More Apex Screenshots hit the web

More screenshots are now available for the upcoming release of ARMA 3: Apex. This DLC is set on a new tropical map, Tanoa, which appears to be modeled on some islands of Fiji, a place known for it’s military coups. Will that come into the single player campaign story-line?

Looking at the screenshots, it looks very modern still, the same as ARMA 3, so we’ll likely still be relying on mods to put present-day equipment in the game. The detail is fantastic though for such a large, open-world game.

Wish list: Improve the AI (or will that be ARMA 4?)

What do you think of these screenshots?

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  1. #ForCompleteness: this is a pretty good over-view. (I forget; do WP comments allow HTML?)

    “Arma 3 Apex – Developer Diary”

    • p.s. re: future weapons / traditional: the go into this in the video, discussing the various factions (3? 4?) Traditional gear like As will still be around, alongside the new stuff. (Bullpup “high velocity / small caliber” with drum magazine. Light SAW?)

    • Awesome. I’ll give it a watch.

      • The SitReps BIS puts out on Steam? long and substantial. Links sprinkled throughout. They’re really doing a great job documenting Apex rollout.

      • Notice how even such as this leads to ?what? silence?

        My cohort’s key contribution: mooting all matters of human communications. Except those that can be monetized. Of course.


  2. heh … used BB markup! Too much time on forums ;-p

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