ARMA 3: Russians Overrun

This week a bunch of Russians decided to drive down the road in Afghanistan. It was going pretty well until it didn’t.

Up against a team of players who also had AI helping them out it was pretty slow going. Most of us didn’t have any optics so we spent a lot of time waiting while those that did have optics engaged almost all the enemies.

Clearing out the compounds was a good challenge but after a few hours it seems like fatigue set in and mistakes were made, mostly involving hand grenades. Lots of lol’s had by the dead cheering on the enemy.

I was thinking leading up to this mission that it would be good to have a TvT event at another time during our week. It would take the shape of a simple capture / defence or a block / breach mission. With no respawn and a small area the map would be replayable during the night.

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