Altian Freedom part 1

After Action Report:

Mission 1, part 1

OCB motorised platoon with support from Sabre callsign (CAS Heli) is to advance as a northern flank protection force for 1BCT assaulting Athira and capturing its airfield.

Phase 1: Clear through Frini township


  1. Approach via MSR from the East.
  2. Bravo to proceed to hilltop north east of town and setup an OP, observe the Mlitary outpost to the Northwest of Frini then assault from North-East.
  3. Charlie to proceed to high ground directly west of town, then assault using wooded area.
  4. Delta remain mounted using the MSR approach town and sweep from south through township.
  5. Hammer (motars) and Sabre to provide support


Early on events were identified as unfolding too slowly. A rapid assault was devised to avoid running out of time for the operation to complete in time.

Hammer fired 2 rounds HE to suppress the military post.

Upon the assault taking place Charlie squad directly assaulting in the middle of the formation took heavy contact, with multiple casualties.

Bravo squad took contact at range from the north and proceeded slowly on approach to town but too far away to provide support for Charlie.

Platoon continued to clear while HQ moved up to provide relief and medical attention.


  1. Some good co-ordination of units to follow attack plan
  2. Good CQB by many members


  1. Need better co-ordination to maintain contact between units.
  2. Bravo – needed to take the OP position mounted for rapid movement.
  3. Bravo – needed to step up the movement to support Charlie and engage targets in the open while mounted.
  4. Charlie – needed to limit their advance in front of Charlie and Bravo.
  5. 0-A – needed to ensure the above happened.
  6. All – needed better target identification to be passed to Hammer for effective IDF support.
  7. Sabre – hovering too close to the battlefield to be either effective or safe

Phase 2: Clear Ifestiona


  1. Mounted the platoon was move to designated positions on the eastern side of town.
  2. From these positions the platoon was to assault designated sectors of the town.


Approximately 1 km from the town an enemy rocket artillery truck was reported in. The platoon was ordered to stay mounted, and engage while moving to avoid getting bogged down or engaged by enemy artillery effectively.

Upon reaching a culvert the platoon dismounted passengers and engaged defending infantry. Fixing the enemies position and maneuvering units across the open ground the platoon assaulted up to the outskirts of town.

Enemy armour was identified and the assault was halted temporarily. Mortars and airstrikes were used to destroy unmanned BTRs stationed in town. Additional BTR was destroyed with mounted .50 fire.


  1. Good assault tactics of fire and movement by all
  2. Effective use of support elements to engage and destroy valuable enemy equipment.
  3. Good use of overwhelming firepower brought to bare on defenders holding the high ground and using RPGs.


  1. Mounted assault formation wasn’t well coordinated. Lead vehicles need to hold back, trailing vehicles need to pick up the pace getting into line.

Phase 3: Blocking Position


The platoon is to move to two hilltops west of Athira to provide a blocking force for the BCT assault. The platoon was split with Bravo & Charlie holding the northern hilltop and Delta, HQ and Hammer holding the southern hilltop.


Observation from the hilltops was very good. After night fell multiple soft skinned vehicles and BTRs were engaged and destroyed approaching from Athira.

A small infantry force managed to approach the southern hilltop and wounded the platoon sergeant before being dispatched by Delta.


  1. Good use of Javelin and automatic weapons to destroy vehicles at range.
  2. Good target identification and co-ordination of fires.
  3. Good reaction skills of Delta to repel an attack.
  4. Good reaction skills to destroy a BTR firing on Sabre.


  1. Improve 360 degree observation to avoid getting snuck-up-on by enemy infantry
  2. Possible to improve mortar employment by assigning known firing points to rapid rain down mortars on approaching vehicles.

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