SkyMAXX Pro v2: A quick look

Here’s a video I put together yesterday. Unfortunately the YouTube uploader has had some major issues and finally after 5 re-renders and re-uploads that all resulted in video conversion errors Google appear to have fixed the issue. So with that out of the way here’s a quick look at the new SkyMAXX Pro 2 in X-Plane 10 beta 8.

What’s new and changed:

  • New cloud shadows with adjustable intensity – uses a new shadowing technique never before seen in X-Plane, with no measurable framerate impact
  • New hi-res cloud puff option – this uses a novel new hybrid approach to combine high-resolution phototexture detail with our volumetric rendering.
  • New lens flare option
  • Towering cumulus clouds (new cloud type!) will be added when thunderstorms are present
  • Ambient light color on clouds more realistic
  • Numerous cloud lighting improvements
  • Thunderstorms are bigger
  • Cloud “popping” as the camera turns should be greatly reduced
  • Better dawn / dusk cloud lighting transitions
  • Further performance enhancements.
  • Overcast conditions with “low” overcast quality improved visually
  • New sky color set additions
  • Thunderstorms are bigger

Categories: Flight Simulation

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