[LN]Frozen Isolation (coming soon)

“Warning order: pack your winter gear, we’re heading north, way north.” 

OCB Deploys to isolated island of Thirsk to support Finland and NATO in providing security against separatist aggression



Russia has been taking steps to annex a region of Finland in a step reminiscent of the their 1940’s Continuation War campaign. Russia has stated that many Russian citizens in the region of North Eastern Finland require protection against the state. A militia is active in the area which is believed to be actively supported, if not manned by the Russian military.

The West has taken a dim view of this situation.

With over 24,000 foreign soldiers now supporting Finland, the international response to Russian aggression been a strong forward presence and a strategy to attempt to rebalance Russian / European power. Given the threat that Russia could start a second War with Finland that would involve the West, the NATO mission is to provide a strong deterrence around any strategically important regions.

OCB is part of this international effort. We will deploy to the island of Thirsk. While the island features oil & gas infrastructure and long range communications equipment that requires protection the volatility of this island is expected to be low.

The island was in the hands of the Soviet Military after the conclusion of the Continuation War, however since the fall of the Soviet Union the area has been administered by Finland. While Russia has claimed the island should be given back, the focus is expected to be elsewhere.

The deployment is expected to be a cold, dark, long winter on an island, once a station of Soviet power.


OCB is deploying a Rifle Coy to the island with vehicle transport provided by HEMTT and MRAP trucks. The Coy consists of 3 Rifle Platoons and a Weapons Platoon with Machine Gun and Mortar Teams.

The base of operations has been planned to operate out of the south of the island.


Reports of Anti Government Militias have included well armed and well training irregular forces armed with Assault Rifles, Automatic Rifles, Anti Tank and Anti Air Assets.

At this stage there have been no reports of enemy activity on the island.


Deploy to Thirsk to:

  • Setup a base of operations (complete prior to mission start)
  • Provide security for the island’s residents
  • Detect and engage any Armed Militia on the island
  • Hold the island against attack

Good luck.


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