DCS World: Russian Roulette

The NATO / Georgian campaign into Abkhazia continues as Russia commits ground forces to the area.

On the first take-off

My missions run with system failures and bird strike at 100% probability. So it’s not that strange to get an engine fire on take off like that. It just shows that you can know the theory but it all goes out the window when you are slightly distracted. Taking hand off the stick and having to use the controls with the mouse to put out the fire contributed.

In the end a right turn that should never have been attempted and an un-commanded roll to the right probably due to a wing stall sealed my fate. Immediately after-ward I realised I should have been looking at my inability to maintain airspeed.

What I should have done:

  • Dumped stored to reduce weight
  • Maintain runway heading
  • Ejected without delay

The Mission

The Russians have crossed the border into Abkhazia and formed up near Sukhumi Airfield. Our task is to interdict and destroy their ability to mobilize and destroy their ability to wage war.


  • EWR & SA-10 (Russian: Near Sochi to the north)
  • SA-6 & SA-8 (Abkhazian)
  • SA-15 (Russian)
  • SA-18 (Russian)
  • SA-19 (Russian)

OCB Beny was our SEAD flight, Pontiac in a SU-25T. He did a great job engaging the SAMs as we approached the AO. Unfortunately for him we use an Integrated Air Defence script that means the SAMs aren’t acting with radars constantly on. It’s no trivial task to draw the SAMs out of hiding and keep their radars on long enough for the HARM to hit them.

The mission also featured Chevy flight, a pair of Georgian KA-50’s out of a new Gali FARP heading to the same location at low altitude to take out the enemy armour.

In the end with no weapons left and a Igla in sight I went in with guns. I killed the Igla but there must have been a second one down there that got a shot off as I egressed…

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