DCS World: Black Shark Hail Storm

During a session over the weekend Skord and I flew our resident mission on the Server. This is really just target practice for some of us the patrols can catch you out and the weather is quite bad, particularly for low flying fixed wing.

A few things to note: my Track-IR proclip is all kinds of busted. It’s such a pain when it has deadspots or slips out of position slowly. I’ve taped it to my headset but I might have to fork out for a new one which is like $50??!? Also, the server is a little laggy which I think may have been resolved slightly now as I’ve been tweaking the network.cfg file for the server. I really need a good guide on the available parameters though, most info I see is outdated or unhelpful.  Finally, we’ve picked up the TARs radio mod which is a bit more fun than everyone yabbering on TS3 over the top of each other. It’s a bit of a pain that we need a separate installation of TS3 as it doesn’t support the latest version but well worth it in the end.


Categories: Battlefield Simulation, Digital Combat Simulation

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