Gali at Dawn: DCS Multiplayer Mission

DCS World gets up and running again at OCB! OCB launched a Georgian Offensive into Abkhazia with a quick relaunch minus the overwhelming enemy air force. Good times were had by all over a few hours as we pushed the Abkhazians back and almost claimed Gali.

[LN]Gali at Dawn (Mission 1)

Abkhazia is a North Western province of Georgia which is occupied by independent Abkhazian militia. After the Georgian war of 2008 Georgia has been forced out of control of semi-independent territories. To add insult to injury, the UN has since semi-recognised these as independent territories. The civilian population consists largely of Russian citizens and Abkhazians who sympathise with Russia.

A police action by the Georgian Armed Forces is required to bring this region back under the control of the Georgian Government.

Georgia is an independent democracy located between Russia and Turkey along the eastern shores of the Black Sea. Georgian military assets consist of KA-50 attack helicopters, Mi-8 & UH-1 transport helicopters with Mig-29 fighters and SU-25t fast attack aircraft.

Ground forces consist of the 2nd Infantry Brigade based out of Senaki supported by T-72 and BMP armoured vehicles. Fire support is provided by 2nd Artillery Brigade.

Georgian forces are supported by U.S.A.F A-10C’s and F-15C fighters.

Chevy Flight
4x KA-50 Black Sharks

Hawg Flight
2x A-10C

Uzi Flight
2x SU-25t

Enfield Flight
2x Mig-29

Pontiac Flight
1x Mi-8MTV2

Ford Flight
1x UH-1

Abkhazian forces have formed a forward base of operations around the town of Gali. In the region of Gali a battalion of T-55 / T-72 tanks are stationed to defend the region. A mobile command and control unit is believed to be stationed within the town.

Air defences include 20mm AAA sites, SA-13 short range mobile batteries and ZSU-23-4 Shilkas. Beyond the town it is believed that a fire support company is based to provide fire support.

Russian forces are not currently stationed in the region and open warfare with Russia must be avoided as the situation would escalate beyond control.

Capture the town of Gali. Capturing the Abkhazian stronghold will allow Georgian forces to move into and envelope the region.

Phase 1: Artillery preparation fire on Gali commences at mission start 0900
Enfield provides combat air patrol over Abkhazian airspace
Chevy flight to enter AO at low level
Once Chevy is in AO, Hawg & UZI flights to launch
Hawg & UZI flight: locate and attrite enemy (1)Air Defences and (2)Artillery (3)Base facilities in vicinity of township Gali
Chevy flight locate and attrite enemy (1)armour and provide close air support to ground forces
Phase 2: Once the AO is pacified:
2nd Infantry Brigade to begin ground offensive
A-10C to observe and engage reacting enemy forces
Chevy flight RTB for rearm
Pontiac flight is to spool up and deliver 24 soldiers to Gali
Ford flight is to spool up and deliver 8 commandos to Gali
Chevy flight provide escort to Ford and Pontiac
All flights RTB

No mods
Do not customise your loadout
Members only

Chevy 1-1 Lyndiman
Chevy 1-2 Ex Inferus
Chevy 1-3 Skord
Chevy 1-4 Chris Ace

Hawg 1-1 Winfield Gold
Hawg 1-2 Beefcake

Pontiac 1-1 (Lyndiman phase 2)

Ford 1-1

Uzi 1-1 Scablifter
Uzi 1-2

Enfield 1-1 Spectre
Enfield 1-2 Z Page

NEXT TIME: [LN] Hold the line (Mission 2)

TIME: 1500hrs
FR: Friendly Georgian ground forces have advanced since dawn a significant 6miles into Abkhazia and are now poised on the South Eastern outskirts of town. Fighting has been fierce, but the mission objective of taking Gali are still well within reach for the 2nd Infantry Brigade.

Gali defences have taken a significant beating along the border and have withdrawn north west out of Gali with the loss of approximately 20 T-55’s and several ZSU-23-4 and ZU-23’s and most command and control vehicles.

Fire support is still available with 1 of the two artillery companies still in operation.

It is expected that relief will arrive from the West along the MSRs in the form of armoured companies and infantry transports. Russia has in the past supplied Abkhazia with Mi-24 attack helicopters, SU-25 strike aircraft and SU-27 fighter aircraft. It is now expected that these have had time to mobilize.

Capture the town of Gali. Capturing the Abkhazian stronghold will allow Georgian forces to move into and envelope the region.

Air flights hold until air superiority is achieved

Fly route and orbit over Gali to gain air superiority

SU-25T TASK: Interdiction
Patrol MSR route to hunt for relief forces heading East to Gali
Destroy relief forces cutting off FEBA
Attrite enemy forces along the FEBA

Attrite enemy forces along the FEBA

A-10C TASK: Interdiction
Destroy enemy artillery
Attrite enemy forces along the FEBA

Destroy enemy fighter and attack aircraft


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