OCB ARMA 3 – Air Mobile Forces

Brief: OCB comprising of a light infantry platoon (2 sections + hq element) conducted a air assault in the region of Pavlovo to destroy  an enemy strong hold in the region of Green Mountain. 

OCB rifle platoon is stationed in a Chernarus FARP and have been hunting Rebel fighters who are trying to bring down the local government to effect a take over. Transport is provided by OCB Support Coy helicopters to local flash points (lol geddit).

Rebel fighters are equipped with small arms and converted civilian vehicles. The rebel fighters are believed to be targeting local infrastructure, government installations and anyone who sticks their head above water to support the establishment.

Recently it has been identified that a wood hillside has been used as a base of operations and strong hold by the rebel forces.

OCB is to conduct an Air Assault on the open flat lands near the rebel strong hold, then move to and secure the area for further investigation of the Rebel forces disposition.

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Gear up and brief
Mount CH-47
Fly the designated flight plan
155mm Preparatory fires suppress the landing zone enroute
Insert on unprepared landing zone
Assault to hold positions on edge of landing zone
CH-47 egress, Sabre com on station
Move by foot to the rebel strong hold
Secure the area and defeat the enemy


OCB Mods

BIS (No respawn)

Standard comms plan

155mm artillery support (4 fire missions)
80mm crew served mortars (16 rounds)
CH-47 Transport
Sabre Atk Helicopter

After action report:

  • 4x 9 round fire missions called in on LZ area
  • Insertion by CH-47 at pre-dawn was made at the designated LZ where upon forces assaulted to tree lines north and east 1-200m. (grid 01 10)
  • Security was setup and Charlie section on the east engaged and destroy a 4 man enemy patrol.
  • 2  (Knight & Fullion) more reinforcements were inserted by X-Ray before RTB for Sabre to return on station to provide CAS
  • In platoon 1 up formation a move was made to the north
  • Approx 500m north of the LZ contact was made  on the left with an enemy patrol which was engaged and destroy with no casualties
  • A 9 round 155mm fire mission was called in on the enemy AO (grid 01 09)
  • Continuing north along the planned around skirting the tree line approx. 1500m west of Zelenogorsk the platoon formed into assault formation for the move north into the Western sector of the AO. By this time the sun was risen and visibility was good.
  • A further 4 man patrol was engaged on the right moving along the treeline 1500m west of Zelnogorsk (025 095)
  • Moving north east through a clearing of felled trees created by the 155m fires contact was made with a sizeable force including technicals
  • After initial attempts to flank one squad on the left to envelope the enemy, both squads withdrew 1-200m south west under fire
  • Further sporadic contact was taken on the left from the north which were put down steadily
  • The platoon continued north taking sporadic contact while Sabre engaged and destroyed enemy armor and troops in the open north of Zelenogorsk (025 095)
  • After taking the high ground on the Western sector of the AO no enemy base of operations was located.  A move was then made to a farm on a treeline towards the centre of the AO (022 092)
  • Contact was made 200m into the open ground from the farm and a 4 man enemy patrol was destroyed
  • Moving the platoon East through a small town Sabre engaged and destroyed an enemy BMP and T-55
  • Moving into the wooded area towards green mountain the HQ section halted the platoon as enemy was sighted to the north east
  • As a section was ordered back to cover the North East HQ was engaged from the rear at 033 092
  • In the confusion HQ took friendly fire as was caught in the cross fire
  • Green smoke was deployed (eventually) to mark HQ’s position
  • After a fierce firefight the 2 sections relieved HQ and cleared the area.
  • After an excessive amount of searching including by the Sabre callsign the original contact report by OCB Chaco to the NE was never located (for shame)
  • The platoon then proceeded up Green Mountain with sporadic contact near the top.
  • At the Green Mountain hill top compound a plan was put in place to grenade the compound over walls and move in to clear
  • A fierce fire fight took place where by multiple enemies were killed including a roaming patrol
  • 1 casualty was taken (OCB Fozz) by close range PKM fire
  • 1 civilian was killed by OCB Hells and was later found to have a side arm in his possession (investigation is on going)
  • Upon clearing green mountain and confirming enemy supplies were at that location a move was made to an un-prepared LZ for extraction back to base and mission end.


  • Communications by squads in circumstances that proved difficult, particularly tracking the location of units without map markers
  • Infantry tactics to roll up a larger more powerful force
  • Very low casualty count


  • Deploying glow sticks instead of smoke
  • Execution of civilian
  • Increased lack of discipline as the mission neared an end
  • Very short notice mission made after work on a friday night
  • Would have been good to have crew served support – 2 man mortar team


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