NoTAM: Ka-50 Black Shark Shkval Laser Burnout


Limit laser use to prevent premature burnout.

As we know the laser on the black shark will burn out with over use. If it does you will need to RTB and ask for repairs which takes 3mins.

So here’s some theory as to why this is happening. U.S tech is obviously very advanced in cryogenics so they have probably not got these problems. High powered IR lasers run very hot and this causes burnout.

To maximize the life of your laser you will need to manage it’s temperature.

Firstly bind and use the laser arm and disarm to your HOTAS. Keep the laser disarmed unless you are either ranging a target group or engaging.

When you fire the laser by hitting the designate button with the laser armed, the laser will fire a high powered beam for a few seconds and look for the reflection to calculate range. This generates a large amount of heat. On the hud a countdown will appear before you should use the laser again. You must wait until this has finished it’s countdown before reusing the laser. Add 5 sec to be safe.

Only range one target in a group if they are nearby. After ranging and deciding that the targets are in range disarm the laser again. Lock targets with the laser disarmed, you won’t have a range but you should already know that they are within vikhr range. Arm the laser and fire the missile without re-locking the target. The laser will automatically fire an IR grid that the Vikhr rides to target. This is a much longer burst but much lower intensity since the missile does not look forwards to the target searching for a reflection but instead looks backwards at the low intesity laser grid for guidance. yes, the missile flies looking backwards and reverses on to the target at super sonic speed! This is why there is no LOAL or high angle attack options with the Vikhr.

After firing the missile you will need to give the laser time to cool with the countdown. Disarm the laser, lock a new target in the group, arm the laser and fire. This avoids the laser firing to range the target needlessly, lengthening it’s life.

Also note that firing the cannon requires range so if you are doing so whilst running in this may require ranging between bursts. Pop up stationary attacks may be better for longer missions therefore.

Putting the laser in Air to Air mode turns on continuous lasing which will burn the laser out rapidly.

In summary:

  • Lasers burn out due to heat issues
  • Wait for the laser timeout to expire before reusing
  • Range finding uses a lot of energy, missile guidance less so
  • Keep the laser disarmed unless required
  • Range once for a group of targets only
  • Lock targets with the laser disarmed
  • Arm the laser, fire a missile without re-locking a target to avoid needless range finding
  • Avoid using A/A mode unless in an emergency

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