Online Combat Battalion Training

Last night I got the opportunity to step outside the unit and record a training session acting as an independent reporter.

It was a fresh perspective and not having any comms was interesting. Trying to following along with sections as they got down to it reminded me of how reporters run around desperate to get the story. It’s definitely a lot of hard play (not work) to get proficient in squad tactics, so it was great to see a good turn out from the recruits.

Here are some of the interesting observations I made:

  • After you have finished with your parachute pack it away, you can make a dress out of it later if you want
  • SUVs burst into flames when running into discarded parachutes
  • When helo extracting don’t all sit there you watching the chopper land. You are supposed to be looking the other way providing security. BF3 players will sneak up and steal your dog tags
  • Don’t mention the colour of the smoke to the pilot. Just confirm it.
  • Don’t point your weapon at people. Lots of people forgetting to press CTRLx2 including myself. I’ve bound it to just a single CTRL press to lower weapon. Or just point it to the side.
  • Use the safety (shift + ~) until you are in the AO and cleared to shoot at things
  • Make sure you have permission to fire before firing
  • Say frag out when throwing a grenade
  • Say reloading when reloading
  • Give people notice of your intentions. If you want people to move tell them to prepare first so they can reload etc.
  • Reload before breaching a compound or building (yes my videos have lots of ‘clicks’ in them)
  • Enter a chopper from its nose so the pilot can see you
  • Dont be afraid to withdraw and flank if you have a contact. It’s not losing or giving up.

Here’s the video I cut together of the footage:

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