ACRE fun times

Recently OCB picked up using ACRE and haven’t looked back

ACRE is a mod for ARMA 2 and Teamspeak to simulate realistic radios and direct communication (talking). The main features include replacing the totally average in game voice sound and also modeling radio fade and terrain effects. Much like ACE it adds new items and interaction key strokes. Whilst I think the game doesn’t really need to be anymore complicated, I think that the community mods are really one of the strengths of the game.

I was disappointed when I joined OCB that they didn’t already use ACRE. Somewhat luckily the people who resisted using it moved on. So after a short period of time we decided to use it again. It wasn’t a completely painless process, much like ACE also, as some people struggled to get it going and learn how to use it properly. Most of the time this was because people would rock up at the start of a mission and start to try to get it going, holding us all up.

Anyone installing ARMA 2 or Teamspeak should install it out of the Program Files directory. That way Windows won’t mess up any privileges. I created a Program Data directory and install things there. Others have talked about having to run things as Admin or reinstall things as Admin.

ACRE shines during combat when you hear proper radio comms being used. Effective communications is really important and that also includes choosing to not use the radio. If you are only talking to the person next to you then direct comms is awesome. Before we used ACRE everything would go over Teamspeak, making it a realism breaker. You could here people talking no matter where they were. Also if a leader is talking over a different channel you can overhear their side of the conversation through direct comms.

Vehicles are another big factor for ACRE. You can rack mount your radio to drastically improve the range:

I’d like to thank the creators of ACRE. I really hope it’s development in the future and for ARMA 3. You can view the ACRE forum page here.

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